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The Value Averaging Internet Model  - The objective of this model is to apply the Value Averaging investment methodology to the largest companies primarily engaged in the internet industry.  

This model portfolio is designed for investors seeking aggressive capital growth with significant volatility. Investment trades are done on a monthly basis.  

Inception: December 2011

Target return: 15%

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For a detailed explanation of the Value Averaging Portfolio Methodology please click here.



We utilize the services of to manage our virtual portfolio. Marketocracy provides access to exclusive tools to build investment skills and gauge success using virtual money while adhering to very real federal compliance rules and marketplace trading constraints. Each portfolio is allocated with a virtual $1 million – enough buying power to make lots of trades and to put together a diversified model portfolio. In addition, portfolios are monitored for compliance with S.E.C. rules for mutual fund managers so we can see how they respond when they are out of compliance. All portfolios are carefully monitored and every trade is tracked for investment performance.

Each month we will publish our data, so that investors can see how we are doing.



The mention of products by name in these website/documents (mutual funds, exchange traded funds, exchange traded notes) does not represent an endorsement or guarantee of future performance. Determining investment suitability of individual products, portfolio design, and asset allocation is the sole responsibility of each investor and his/her financial advisor. VA Investment Software and/or Bruce Ramsey is not a licensed investment advisor.

Backtesting is the process of evaluating a core strategy by applying it to historical data. Backtested performance results are provided for purposes of illustrating historical performance had a core strategy had been available during the relevant period. Backtested performance results are hypothetical and have inherent limitations. We make no representation that the Value Averaging strategy will achieve performance similar to any backtested performance results. Actual results could differ materially from backtested performance and future results could differ materially from backtested performance. Past performance is no indication or guarantee of future results.

Backtested performance results: (i) do not reflect the deduction of any management fees or trading commissions; (ii) are not based on actual trading and do not reflect any market impact of buying and selling securities, trade timing and security liquidity; (iii) reflect prices that are fully adjusted for dividends and corporate actions (e.g., stock splits).

We do not represent that backtested performance information is accurate, complete or current, and we have no liability with respect thereto. The strategies outlined are subject to change without notice and we have no obligation to update you as to any such changes. The information provided herein comes from what we believes to be reliable sources however we makes no representations as to its reliability or accuracy, and you should undertake independent analysis to ensure the accuracy of the information




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